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Getting foot pain at the gym?

Help your feet to keep you fit Getting fit but worried about your feet? If you’re heading the the gym or starting a training program you have probably been told all about the time commitment and the costs, and maybe you have established some real goals to achieve. You know where you want to be, […]

Top 6 winter foot problems

Ingrowing toenails Closed in footwear and thick socks can mean much less room for your toes. This extra pressure sometimes means that your toenails dig in to the skin and become painful or even worse. Infected and bleeding toenails require careful treatment to remove the offending piece of nail and allow the skin to heal. […]

School Shoes Causing Blisters?

It’s the first week back at school, and after a summer of running around on holidays, your children’s feet are back into shoes all day. You might have gone to the best shoe shop and had the shoes fitted properly, but they still can have some hotspots and blisters whilst the feet toughen up. Blister […]

Invictus Games

Last year I was involved as a volunteer at the Invictus Games in Sydney. For those that don’t know, the Games are an international sporting event for people who became injured or sick whilst serving in the Defence Forces. There were about 500 competitors from 18 different countries. The events are categorised as Adaptive Sports, […]