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Getting fit but worried about your feet?

If you’re heading the the gym or starting a training program you have probably been told all about the time commitment and the costs, and maybe you have established some real goals to achieve. You know where you want to be, and you have an idea of how to get there, but nobody has told you what will happen if you have an injury along the way. Am I right?

Gym Injury Statistics are worrying

So you’ve started a program that might go for a set number of weeks. It might be a weight loss challenge, or a program to increase muscle and reduce fat. You might just want to be able to be more active and increase your endurance. Whatever the goal, finishing is important to you, and you have made a commitment with the best of intentions.
Then comes that day when you’re running a bit late, but still keen to get to your training. You rush in and don’t have time to warm up or stretch properly because you have to start at a certain time. Whether you’re in a class, or have a personal trainer, there are other people judging you for being late, so you feel like you’re letting them down.

You might want to try and make up for being late by pushing harder, compensating for letting people down by achieving more.
The problem is that you’re letting your body down by not preparing properly, and that’s where you enter the danger zone for injury.
A little over 30% of injuries in the gym or when training are foot or ankle related, and mostly occur when using treadmills.

Are you wasting money on fitness?

If you can’t complete your training program or challenge, then that’s money down the drain. 14% of people who join gyms in January have stopped going after 6 weeks, and after 6 months 47% attend no more than once a month.
There are many reasons why people stop attending, and some are unavoidable, however sustaining an injury should not be in issue if the risks can be avoided.
You can reduce your risk of exercise injury by:
• Wearing the right shoes, gear and equipment
• Drinking lots of water
• Warming up and stretching properly.

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Get the right footwear.

Whatever type of activity you choose to get fit, it is likely that you will need appropriate footwear.
This should offer the right protection, support and cushioning. You shouldn’t forget your socks too, which should fit properly and offer moisture wicking to help avoid skin problems from sweaty feet.
Shoes and socks should not be excessively worn, and need to be suitable for the specific activity.

How your Podiatrist can help.

If you’re on your feet, then a podiatrist can help. We will review your current footwear and advise on wear, fit, and style. We can also suggest appropriate warm up routines which will help reduce your risk of injury.

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