The Gyms are closed, and People are getting outdoors for exercise.

I have seen so many people out running and walking lately, and with many it’s obvious they are new to all this outdoor activity. The first sign for me is the footwear that they are using. The shoes you wear to the gym may not be appropriate for running outside, where impact forces are very different, and the surface underfoot is variable.

Likewise, if you are simply walking for exercise, your gym shoes might not be up to going “off-road” in the dirt, or keep your feet dry when the grass is wet.

Some of the sports shoe shops are still open, and many of the big brands are having sales in their online stores, so now is the time to look for the shoe you really need, and perhaps grab a bargain at the same time. We have a limited range of ASICS running and walking shoes and can still get stock at short notice, so if you need to try shoes in person with podiatrist advice on fitting, then give us a call.

It’s worth thinking about the type of terrain and conditions you are covering on your outdoor exercise. Whilst most experts would advise to mix the terrain, and do something different each day, I get that we are creatures of habit and have our favourite routes. Your shoes need to suit the ground you’re covering so investigate this when you’re shopping. Harder surfaces like concrete and asphalt might find you favouring a shoe with extra cushioning, whilst loose or softer surfaces will need a grippier sole with more traction. Passing over wet ground or vegetation could introduce moisture which is a common cause of blisters and should be avoided. Consider footwear with a breathable waterproof membrane or use a waterproofing spray regularly. You should also do this with leather uppers to keep them in top condition.

Lastly, if you usually keep your gym gear in a bag or throw it in the back of your car and forget about it, you’ll need to change that.

Your shoes are an important piece of equipment that need to be looked after properly. They don’t do well being left in the sun, or in a hot vehicle. Brush off any dirt and wipe them with a damp cloth, then leave them in a shaded airy place to dry. If you can also remove the insoles or footbeds, then wipe them down too.  Beware of pets that might enjoy chewing shoes though!


Sudden changes in activity the way we have been subjected to lately can and do come at a cost. If you are starting to experience symptoms in your feet ankles or lower legs then we can help. Check out our diagnostic helper at and don’t hesitate to get in touch for more advice. Whilst we are still open for face to face consultations, we can also book a Video Consultation to discuss your concerns from the comfort of your own home.