bare feet on a tropical beach.

I you are heading away from home please remember that your feet are never on holiday! Read on for our foot health tips to ensure you have a happy holiday.

This means that you must continue with any ongoing treatment or care whilst you are away. Don’t forget the moisturizer, and any other medications you may be using. Likewise you should continue with any exercise programs, and the use of strapping, splints or dressings as instructed.

If you have a long journey you might like to use compression stockings or travel socks to prevent swollen ankles or possible blood clots.

People often throw themselves in to new activities and experiences on holidays. This might mean a long bushwalk, bike riding, snorkeling and even skiing or skating. If you don’t do this type of activity regularly your feet (and other body parts) may not be properly prepared. Lots of people find that they get sore feet from walking on the beach. Be aware of developing blisters from different footwear, and muscle aches from new activities.

Likewise if you are not wearing shoes you must remember to use sun protection. Standing in shallow water can be a lovely cooling experience, but you can still get sunburn on your feet.

You can burn your feet on hot sand, concrete and asphalt, plus you can get cold injuries like chilblains in snowy areas.

Using communal barefoot facilities at pools, gyms, changing rooms and amenities blocks mean you may be at risk of picking up conditions like warts and tinea.

Lastly, being in an unfamiliar place makes you more prone to trips and falls. If you are up and about at night be sure to use a torch or turn on a light to see your way and use appropriate footwear. Stubbed toes and trips on rugs or stairs are avoidable.


Here are our top tips

Don’t give your footcare a holiday.
Pack the right shoes for your planned activities.
Make sure you have plenty of socks including travel socks if required.
Take a Foot First Aid kit for blisters and wounds.
Use sunblock on your feet every day.
Take some thongs to wear in communal barefoot areas.
Know how to keep warm in cold environments.
See your podiatrist before you go away.

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