It’s the first week back at school, and after a summer of running around on holidays, your children’s feet are back into shoes all day. You might have gone to the best shoe shop and had the shoes fitted properly, but they still can have some hotspots and blisters whilst the feet toughen up.

Blister Prevention

As we all know blister prevention is the best option. If you realise that there is a spot rubbing the skin, then applying strategies to reduce friction are important.
Strapping the heel with sports tape may be sufficient. You can also use Engo Patches (available at Umina Podiatry) to reduce friction inside the shoe.

Heel Blister

Blister Treatment

Treatment depends very much on the stage of the blister. It may be a simple red hotspot, an unbroken blister, or worse. A broken or roof-off blister that requires more complex treatment.
Try this fantastic guide to blister treatment form our friends at Blister Prevention.

Get Help With Blisters

If you have a big event coming up, or have been troubled with blisters before then we can help. We provide specific advice to match your needs.