It’s nearly the end of term 3, and some school shoes are starting to look a bit worn out. Even worse, they could be affecting your child’s foot health.
Here are some tips to help those school shoes go the extra mile.

Six simple tips and tricks:


1. Waterproof Them

As soon as you purchase new shoes spray them with waterproof spray. This will help prevent them absorbing water and damaging the shape of the upper.

2. Polish Them

Treat your leather shoes like your skin. They need moisturising and nourishing to stop them cracking up!

3. Store Them

Keep your shoes at room temperature, and out of direct sunlight. Heat can shrink the leather and cause the rubber soles to perish.

4. Clean Them

Always clean shoes by hand, not in the washing machine. Use a damp cloth or a soft scrubbing brush to remove dirt.

5. Shoe Horn

Using a shoe horn to put your shoes on will make the heel counter of the shoe last longer, which is important to maintain ankle support.

6. Undo Them

Always undo laces before taking off your shoes. If you push them off with the toe of the other shoe you can encourage the sole to remove from the upper.