The best advice to keep your feet in great shape this summer.



After a winter spent in slippers and shoes, our toenails may have been under pressure, or simply allowed to grow too long as they have been out of sight.

Trim carefully following the shape of your toe, and file sharp corners to help avoid ingrowing nails. If the nails are thickened or discoloured then get them checked by a podiatrist.


Hard or dry skin

Winter footwear can cause rubbing and callus formation. Cool weather and heaters cause general dryness of the skin, which makes your feet more likely to crack or split.

It is a good habit to moisturise your feet daily, using more intensive creams for dry cracked heels where necessary. Our Ultra Cream is ideal.


Infections and tinea

Keeping your feet warm in winter can mean living in socks and shoes or slippers. This can make you more prone to rashes or skin and nail infections.

Washing and drying your feet carefully is a great start, and if those pesky bugs are still causing problems get some advice about the most appropriate treatment.


Sun protection

Don’t forget your feet when you slip slop slap. The tops of your feet can get sunburnt in open shoes or sandals, and it can be very uncomfortable. Don’t forget the sunblock if you are standing in shallow water whilst fishing or watching children.



Thongs and sandals are the natural go-to footwear, and should be the minimum protection if you have circulatory problems or diabetes.

Remember that our feet tend to swell in summer, so watch for rubbing or chafing later in the day.

If you are wearing socks make sure to change them at least daily, and opt for modern moisture wicking fabrics to disperse perspiration.

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