Motocross riders need help landing.

If you like the idea of flying through the air at 80km an hour then motocross may be for you. But when it comes to landing, you need the protection of a modern boot. These thick soled boots often have a hard shell exoskeleton and very rigid ankle support, with metal caps at the toes, and very little cushioning.

Now if you love your Motocross racing, but you have a painful foot, hitting the ground at 80km an hour can be a problem.

This week we helped a rider with a special orthotic modification for Motocross boots. Because of the high forces involved in jumping a motocross orthoticsheavy motorcycle at speed, we needed to strengthen the orthotic shell, whilst maintaining some flexibility for shock absorption. We then replaced the top-covers with a dual layer of high density Poron and low density EVA,  to cushion and again provide shock absorption.

With new orthotics for everyday use, and these modified devices for high impact activities we will keep this rider flying high and pain free.

If you enjoy extreme sports and need expert help with foot and ankle problems we are here to help. Our experience means we can think outside the box to keep your adrenaline pumping doing the things you love.

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