Get back on your feet sooner

Did you know that each foot contains 26 bones? On average we walk approximately 1,000 km each year – that’s the equivalent of walking from Sydney to Canberra and then onto Melbourne!

It’s important to look after your feet. You can do this by making sure you have appropriate footwear and foot orthotics (if needed). Seek advice from a podiatrist if you experience pain and discomfort (especially if it is prolonged even after you have rested).

HCF is helping members through the More for feet program. Under the program, members with eligible extras cover can access each year, one fully covered comprehensive service for a new health condition or flare up of an existing one. This fully covered comprehensive service, which includes a diagnosis and treatment plan, is delivered through participating podiatrists, subject to your annual limits.

Here are 5 tips to maintain happy feet (Source: Australasian Podiatry Council):

  • Choose shoes that fit well. Shoes should fit properly, be supportive for the activity you are doing and not damage or hurt your feet in any way.
  • Stretch your feet before exercise. Our feet bear all our weight yet they are often forgotten in warm ups.
  • Wear shoes that best suit the task. When engaging in physical activities, think about which shoes would be best, this will help prevent pain and injuries.
  • Pay attention to foot hygiene. Keep your feet clean and dry. Wearing socks made from natural fibres will help.
  • Seek expert advice. Don’t put off seeking treatment if you experience pain and discomfort in your feet (especially if it is prolonged and does not subside after rest)