Love Your Feet and…

Foot Health Week is a nationally recognised health awareness campaign run annually in October promoting good foot health and the important role podiatrists play in keeping Australians pain-free and moving.

Our 2021 Foot Health Week campaign will run from 11-17 October with the theme, ‘Love your feet and… they’ll love you back!’ highlighting how taking care of your feet will positively impact the rest of your body and encouraging better overall health outcomes for all Australians.

There are lots of resources available to download from Foot Health Australia which cover getting “Back on Track” for different groups such as

There are also a number of useful factsheets that have more detailed information about particular conditions and issues that we see. These range from corns and calluses to sporting injuries, and how to choose school shoes.

they’ll love you back!

Seeing a podiatrist could be the best decision you make to keep yourself moving pain free.

Happy Foot Health Week 2021!