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Regardless of the sport you usually need your feet, excepting perhaps some wheelchair and adaptive sports. The days of canvas and rubber sand shoes being the choice for every sport are long gone and thankfully sports shoes are now made specifically for different activities. Wearing the right shoe for the right sport will reduce your risk of foot pain and injury. You wouldn’t use a cricket bat to play tennis – just like you wouldn’t wear football boots for lawn bowls. Shoes are now designed to cope with the specific movements and stresses placed on the feet, and for that reason you will find that running shoes, for example, will break easily if they are used for stop/start or sideways moving sports like basketball.

Prior to the new season starting we recommend you replace shoes or football boots and that they are fitted professionally. Places like The Athletes Foot, Coast Runners Shop and Rebel Sport have trained shoe fitters who can help select the right shoe for your foot type.

– Avoid wearing last year’s shoes if they are excessively worn or if feet may have grown.

– If you are getting “hand-me-down” or pre-used footwear try and replace the footbed or insole which will have moulded to the previous wearer’s foot.

– Socks are important to prevent rubbing and blisters. Make sure they fit properly and have moisture wicking properties to keep your feet fresh and dry.

Training Niggles

runner with a sore ankle.

We can help and advise on the type of sports shoe that is best for you, and we can check your feet too. Let us address any issues you may have with your feet before the season is fully under way. Sporting activities can lead to problems including

– Skin and nail injuries
– Joint pain
– Sprains and strains
– Stress Fractures
– Heel pain
– Shin Pain

Click the image to use our handy guide to find your foot pain

Find your foot pain

We Can Help

Feet are placed under an immense amount of stress for long periods of time. You do not want to be one of the large percentage of athletes that acquire foot and ankle injuries each season.

We have access to some of the latest innovations used by Olympic Athletes to help prevent ankle sprains

We also supply a revolutionary product which has been clinically proven to help people with Shin Splints get back to full activity sooner.

Lastly we can provide a personalised exercise program app to help you improve your flexibility and strength, and keep track of your progress with video exercise demonstrations and tracking.

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