Do you have trouble finding comfortable shoes?

Bring us your shoes. We will review your current footwear and advise on the best shoe for you.

We stock a limited range of shoes and sandals which we are happy to recommend, or we will send you to one of our partners where we know you will find something suitable.

See below for some of the shoes we stock.


Our enduring range of mens and ladies Propet walking shoes and sandals will keep you on your feet. Some are even machine washable!

Orthaheel thongs and Revere sandals are a great alternative for the days at the beach, or when it’s just too hot for anything else.


Prevent Sports Injuries

Prevent Sports Injuries

Know Your Sport, Know Your Shoe Regardless of the sport you usually need your feet, excepting perhaps some wheelchair and adaptive sports. The days...

What is a Plantar Wart

What is a Plantar Wart

What is a Plantar Wart? Warts or Verrucas - commonly referred to on the feet as plantar warts or verruca pedis, are caused by a common virus that...


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