EXO-L Ankle Braces

Clinically Proven to reduce the risk of ankle sprain in sport.

Umina Podiatry are proud to be supplying EXO-L braces on the Central Coast. These braces act as an external ligament and help reduce the incidence of lateral (outside) ankle sprains. If you want to prevent ankle sprains, or if you have recovered from an ankle sprain, this product has proven to be extremely effective. The EXO-L is used across Europe, by members of the Kookaburras Australian Men’s Hockey team, and by Super Netball players.

If you are an amateur or elite athlete, bushwalker, or you work outdoors then the EXO-L is suitable for you.

The two main differences between the EXO-L and other ankle braces are that:

  • The EXO-L is custom made to fit you and only you.
  • The EXO-L allows complete freedom of movement except you cannot roll your ankle!

We take a 3D scan of your ankle, then upload the image to our technical design team in Europe. It is then sent back to our Australian manufacturer where it is 3D printed and assembled. The EXO-L is light weight (100g), but hard plastic.

It fits behind your ankle, outside your shoe, unlike other braces that are big and bulky and take up room in your shoe.
There is no skin irritation as there is no tape or adhesive involved.

The EXO-L is really quick and easy to put on, and can be done in under 20 seconds. You tighten the cord and lock it in place. The cord and silver clamp are used in sailing and abseiling so are very strong and reliable.

The cord acts like a seatbelt for your ankle by attaching a patch onto the side of your shoe. Any pair of shoes that you would like to wear the brace with must have special patches sewn onto the side. (we arrange this with our bootmaker).

The EXO-LUP (specifically designed for foot drop)

  • This is a brace like no other in that it is custom made to fit you and only you.
  • Not only does it control your foot position with the side cord but it also dorsiflexes/pulls up the top of your foot so that your foot can clear the ground and you have a heel strike.
  • Any shoe you wish to wear this brace with must have a patch sewn onto both the side and the top of your shoe.
  • You can tighten the cords to your requirements.
  • The EXO-L UP is really subtle compared to other AFO’s and can easily be worn under jeans and pants.

Match your shoes.

Available in standard colours (Black or white) and special colours to match your team or your shoes.


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