Professional Care for your feet, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.

Blistering Bridal Waltz?

Those new shoes that looked so good in the store giving you trouble and strife? By the time you’ve got to the reception and met your guests, your feet can be killing you.

Stepped on in the moshpit?

That person with the big boots just trampled you in the circle pit or the wall of death? Maybe those canvas sneakers weren’t the best choice tonight.

Running for the hills?

You just want to escape the world and run run run, but that dreaded achilles tendon is letting you down again.

We Come To YOU!

There’s no telling when or where you will need emergency foot care, so we got together with our friends a Uber to bring you on the spot help for any foot problems that are bugging you.

Our fully qualified, insured and AHPRA Registered Podiatrists are on hand to get you back on your feet 24/7.

Around town and in the park, our zippy electric scooters will deliver our podiatrists to you. Be it a painful picnic or a shopping breakdown, we are there to help.

Our cycling podiatrists can get to you no matter what the traffic is like. If you’re off-road on a bushwalk, or down at the beach, we’ll be there for you.

Aquatic Podiatrists are available for all your on water foot problems, from pelican itch to bluebottle stings, plus sea urchin spine removal. (surcharge applies)

Podiatrists on the Piste are a welcome sight for sore skiiers and snowboarders. In season they patrol the high peaks, ready to carve their way to you. (surcharge applies)


Do you visit public transport?

Our Scooter Pods can certainly visit you on public transport such as trains ferries and busses. It is best that you sit on a bench seat where you can put your feet up. Due to some airline restrictions we are unable to bring our scooters on flights, so we unfortunately are unable to offer this service at present. The upcoming launch of Uber Air will have a Mile High Podiatry service for Business Class guests.

How do you calculate fees?

Fees are set by the parent company and vary according to time of day, distance travelled, and the utter stupidity of your injury. You will be breath tested, and the total fee increased based on your blood alcohol.

Can I use my private health insurance?

Unfortunately we are not able to integrate private health claiming with our app. The corporate insurers do not want to spend money making it easier for you to claim, as it may affect their bottom line, the bonuses paid to their Chief Executives, and the dividends paid to their shareholders.

How safe is my information?

Our podiatrists are all independent healthcare contractors, and are required by law to uphold the Privacy and Confidentiality of their patients. As Uber Feet are a technology company we are free to sell your information to unscrupulous bad actors who may sell you ill fitting shoes, insoles that will be of no benefit whatsoever (despite what they claim), or special socks that will cure all kinds of diseases.

Disclaimer: we are in no way affiliated with Uber Technologies, Inc. This web page is created in good faith as an April 1 joke. If you try and download the app it doesn’t exist. None of the services described are available from Umina Podiatry. April Fool! ©2021