Netball Players -Check your old shoes before you buy new ones. – Umina Podiatry

Netball Players -Check your old shoes before you buy new ones.

Over 63% of Netball injuries are related to the ankle and lower leg

As the new season approaches we need to prepare…

Helpful Tips!


Ensure that all old injuries from last year are fully rehabilitated before returning to play.

Old Shoes

Look at the appearance of the soles of your previous shoes. Compare the wear marks to the Asics diagram to assist you in choosing the correct footwear for the coming season.

Avoid wearing running shoes as they are designed only for forward and backward motions and do not provide adequate support for the high stresses placed on the lower limb during netball.

We would advise you to visit a sports shoe store to be fitted by a specialist.

When choosing netball shoes

Visit the store in the evening when your feet are slightly bigger

Bring thick sports socks that you will be wearing during games

Bring any ankle braces or orthotics that you may be using in your shoe

The shoe should have 1cm gap from the longest toe, keeping in mind your big toe may not be your longest.

Check our quick guide below to get you on the right track.

Netball wear 2015



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