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Newborn stands and walks after Podiatry

Our newly hatched chook had some trouble standing and walking, but applying some podiatry knowledge and a bit of strapping got her going again. This chicken was hatched with a splayed leg, so has got the nickname “flipper”. It was unable to stand or get around very well until we applied some poultry podiatry, strapping […]

Great Golf Shoes can help painful feet.

Congratulations Joan who won our draw at Everglades Country Club last week. Even though Joan freely admits that she is “Over eighty” she is also sure that as an active golfer she will wear out her new golf shoes in no time. If you have foot pain that is affecting your game then try our […]

HCF More for Feet

Get back on your feet sooner Did you know that each foot contains 26 bones? On average we walk approximately 1,000 km each year – that’s the equivalent of walking from Sydney to Canberra and then onto Melbourne! It’s important to look after your feet. You can do this by making sure you have appropriate footwear and […]

A New Chapter at Umina Podiatry

September saw a number of personnel changes at Umina Podiatry, where we welcomed new people to our team, and farewelled people that have been with us for many years. We wish Cath Nankervis and Stephanie Vidler best wishes for the future, and have no doubt that they will be successful in their new ventures. A new […]

Making School Shoes Last the Distance

It’s nearly the end of term 3, and some school shoes are starting to look a bit worn out. Even worse, they could be affecting your child’s foot health. Here are some tips to help those school shoes go the extra mile. Six simple tips and tricks:   1. Waterproof Them As soon as you […]

How to help avoid Chilblains

5 tips to keep your feet Warm and avoid the pain of Chilblains Wear layered clothing and a hat to keep your whole body warm. Wear woollen socks and slippers that are not tight. After being out in the cold warm up slowly without exposing your skin directly to heat. Try a warm drink. Reduce […]

Netball is a physically demanding sport

Netball is a physically demanding sport involving frequent stopping and starting, twisting, pivoting, and jumping movements often combined with a hard, unforgiving surface. Netball places high stresses on the legs and feet, often causing injury. Studies show that foot, ankle and lower leg injuries account for over 63% of netball injuries. Choosing the right shoe […]