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Keryflex Medical Nail Resoration – for unsightly toenails

Keryflex Nail Restoration System Keryflex is a safe treatment that improves the appearance of unsightly toenails that may be affected by: Trauma Fungus Brittle/Splitting Nails Psoriasis Discolouration After nail laser procedure How It Works During a consultation with our podiatrist we will prepare the nail that requires cosmetic nail restoration.  Applying the resin is fast […]

Motocross helps you to fly, we help you to land!

Motocross riders need help landing. If you like the idea of flying through the air at 80km an hour then motocross may be for you. But when it comes to landing, you need the protection of a modern boot. These thick soled boots often have a hard shell exoskeleton and very rigid ankle support, with […]

We are your local NDIS Podiatrist

Podiatry helps people stay mobile and participate in their community. NDIS Podiatrist Provider Registration Number: 4050005876 We recognise the importance of maintaining your mobility and participating in work, education, and leisure activities. As your NDIS Podiatrist we can help in many ways, from providing regular assistance with painful foot problems, or thorough the supply and modification […]

It’s Finals Time….and those injury niggles are still there

Common end of season Injuries. Our bodies can be tired, and the cold weather makes warming-up a bit if a drag, let alone stretching and warming down. If you are carrying an injury, and just hoping to make it through the next few weeks, then don’t underestimate the importance of a proper warm-up with appropriate […]

Common Children’s Foot Injuries

Common Foot Injuries in Children Children’s injuries are in most cases related with sporting activity and associated with overuse. As young athletes are still growing, they are at greater risk of injury than adults are. Overuse injuries can affect muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, and growth plates. In children, these structures are still growing, and the […]

NSW Health to Combat Tinea.

New measures will be announced in the coming weeks in an effort to combat the spread of fungal infections from interstate. NSW Health in conjunction with the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service will introduce mandatory footbaths for air passengers arriving from tropical locations in Queensland and the Northern Territory. It is also anticipated that roadside […]